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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does InvestRand accept new agents without any experience?
    Yes, we do, our intensive training works best for both existing listing agents and new agents in the real estate investing industry.
  • What are the fees associated with Joining InvestRand?
    There is only one fee for activating your online portal once joined which is R2549
  • What real estate background do I need to have to join the team?
    It can be an advantageous, preferable real estate investing background.
  • Can a listing agent join the Company?
    Yes, as a full-time agent, becoming a buyer’s agent is a full-time job.
  • Where does investRand Operate?
    Our head office is based in Johannesburg, Fourways
  • Is a FFC License a must?
    It can be advantageous, but not a must.
  • How does InvestRand work with existing estate agents?
    Estate agents can work with InvestRand by submitting deals that will be a good fit for our qualified investors.
  • How is InvestRand different from other agencies?
    We are buyer’s agents which means we represent the buyers and most agencies in South Africa are listing agents, which means they represent the sellers.
  • What is the commission structure?
    InvestRand Agents can earn up 80% commission
  • How do I refer to a friend?
    You refer a friend to for their investment needs, investrand will note the referral and it will be a contribution to your rewards.
  • Where do I access InvestRand Plus webinars?
    All webinar dates, time, and access information will be sent to you after joining InvestRand Plus.
  • How do I sign up for the InvestRand Partnership Rewards?
    You sign up for InvestRand Partnership Rewards by purchasing an investment property through InvestRand.
  • Where do I access InvestRand Plus?
    Sign up for InvestRand Plus on the investRand website and choose the best package for your needs.
  • Do I have a mention or hashtag InvestRand when I share on social media?
    You have to use #Investtodayfortomorrow #InvestRand on your post.
  • What if I am looking for a tenanted property, how will that affect my transaction?
    Most InvestRand properties are sold tenanted, all the property manager has to do is to complete tenant screening to ensure you get the best tenants.
  • Where are you based?
    Johannesburg, Fourways
  • Can I buy more than one property at once?
    We have an excellent post sale team that will be assigned to help you with all your post-sale needs.
  • Can you assist me with a property I have already identified?
    Yes, we can have one specialist agent go on site and determine if it makes a valuable investment for your portfolio.
  • Why choose InvestRand instead of a listing agent as a seller?
    No agency fees, property sold within 4 weeks instead of 4 months, massive qualified investor database.
  • Do you assist with financing?
    We work with various bond originators who are well-experienced and who will help you with your property financing, not to mention rent2buy companies, and FLISP Subsidy specialists.
  • Does InvestRand get a mandate from the seller or the buyer?
    InvestRand gets a mandate from a buyer as we are a buyer’s agent and we represent their investment needs.
  • What happens after you buy a property?
    We have an excellent post sale team that will be assigned to help you with all your post-sale needs.
  • What if something happens to the property I am interested in when I am buying?
    Should the transaction not come to completion, the consultant undertakes to find another transaction within the investor’s investment range, without a further consultant’s fee payable to the InvestRand.
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