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​​From Delay to Delight

How Molly's first investment property yielded a 28% ROI from day 1.

Molly Venter: "I finally got my property investment journey off the ground. Thank you investRand for your guidance throughout. Ezra and Wandile were very professional and provided me with expert advice."

Molly had been wanting to invest in property for a while, but she was unsure of where to start. She was hesitant to take the leap because she didn't have the knowledge or experience to make informed decisions. That's when she turned to investRand for guidance.

We worked with Molly to help her create a solid investment plan that aligned with her goals and financial situation. Our team provided her with expert advice and helped her find the perfect investment property. With our assistance, Molly was able to purchase her first investment property, which yielded a 28% return on investment from the date of transfer.

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