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Investing in Real Estate

  • Do I need money to invest in Real Estate?
    Yes, you need money to invest in property. Firstly, you need at least R70 000 for buying costs. You will also need to qualify for a bond or partner with someone who qualifies for a bond. This video answers in detail the questions you have about the amount of money needed to invest in property
  • Do you assist with investors or funding?
    At investRand, we assist our clients with securing funding for property investment. We help you apply to various institutions that can finance the properties you find only in our marketplace. An example would be that you visit our platform, book a free call with us, our Property Investment Consultant goes through a process of pre-qualifying you after you have selected a property that interests you on our marketplace, then we make the necessary arrangements to help you get funding from institutions such as SA Home Loans, or any of South-Africa’s major banks. Visit this link to book a call:
  • Should I get a loan after the bank has approved me for a grant?
    When you are still waiting for the property to register, you should not take any loan because if you do it will damage/increase the expenses compared to the one you had when the bank granted you the loan/bond.
  • Can we invest in one property but share the amount needed?
    Yes, you can invest in one property and share the amount or monthly repayment that is needed. This partnership will require a contract to be signed by both parties, with a memorandum of understanding to prevent conflict that may arise in future. investRand has successfully helped many clients on how to structure their partnerships and/or investment clubs. They are able to generate enough positive cashflow from their tenants to pay the monthly bond repayments, rates, taxes, and levies, and still have some money left, while maintaining ownership of the property. Book a free consultation if you need partnership structuring with your family and friends:
  • How do I become part of the investors?
    We are happy to help you build wealth for your family through property investment. To be part of our investors, please get in touch with us by booking a free call through this link:
  • Can I invest in Real Estate with a salary of R30 000?
    Your income may not be the determining factor, provided you have enough savings to cover buying cost such as bond registration fees, Sourcing fees, and transfer fees. This remains applicable even in scenarios where the bank grants you a full loan approval. For example, where the loan approval falls short, having enough funds to cover the entire purchase price of the property is important.
  • What are the requirements for investing in Real Estate?
    To start investing in property, you must have at least R70 000 for buying costs. You also need to qualify for a bond and have a credit score that is above 620. Please have a look at the different properties listed on our marketplace, click on the one you are interested in, and scroll down to view the buying costs. If you think you meet these requirements, we can assist you in your journey of owning property and generating a positive cashflow. Book a call with us:
  • How to invest in Real Estate as a foreigner?
    Here are the required documents to invest in property as a non-citizen in South Africa: Copy of ID document & Passport, or copy of the front and back of your ID. Valid work permits. Latest 6 months pay slips. Employment contract Latest 3 months NON-INTERNET bank statements reflecting salary deposits and signed IDX form. Signed Personal info, Income & Expenses and Assets & liabilities forms. Latest copy of lease agreement if rental income is received as well as 6 months bank statements confirming rental income. If you want to invest in property in South Africa, book a free call with us:
  • How do property investments work at investRand?
    investRand marketplace connects you with income-generating properties that are cash flow positive based on your profile. We also connect you with financing options for the properties you find on our platform, and vetted service providers hand-picked by our team. You book a FREE consultation call; we help you create your investor profile and then match you with properties that fit your investments goals. We then match you with financing options for properties you find on our platform and vetted service providers who will working with you through the buying process and after your property is transferred. We understand life can get busy with work and family commitments, but we are committed to making it possible for you to purchase a property by without investing more than 4 hours of your time. We see ourselves as a new way to property investing that aims at saving you time and money.
  • How much is needed to start investing in Real Estate?
    At investRand, we have a few criteria we use to assess if a potential client qualifies to start investing in property. To get started with investing in property in South Africa, you will need to be employed, have affordability to qualify for a bond, no red flags on your credit profile and have a credit score that is above 620, with at least R70 000 in disposable income. If you are self-employed, you can invest in property if your business has two years financial, provided that you also have the buying costs. investRand’s marketplace streamlines this process, making it easier for you to understand and meet these requirements. You can find out how much you qualify for here:
  • Do you only have properties in Gauteng?
    Currently Gauteng is our focus, however, we will be increasing our geography soon. Be alert.
  • Do you offer Airbnb rental investments?
    No, we do not offer Airbnb rental investments at the moment. Currently we only have profitable multi-let properties in both affordable housing and student accommodation. We may incorporate Airbnb rentals soon. Be on the lookout.
  • Do you only have student accommodation properties?
    No, we do not only have student accommodation properties on our platform. We have various multi-let properties such as apartments.
  • Do you help with placing tenants?
    At investRand, we partner up with vetted service providers (property managers) who can help you place tenants in your property.
  • How do I list my property on the investRand platform?
    To list your property on our marketplace, please send us an email at and we will request all relevant documents to do due diligence. Once we have all the necessary documents and attachments (such as property images), we will run numbers on the property to check if they have a potential (currently or in future) to generate a positive cash flow of about 20% ROI and above.
  • Does InvestRand handle finding, vetting, and collecting deposits from tenants?
    With investRand, you do not only get to invest in a profitable investment property. Managing the property is one of the most difficult parts and we understand that. That is why we ensure that we match you with vetted services providers not limited to specialist letting agents and property managers who deal with the day-to-day running of the property. Our property managers (service providers) are vetted to ensure that they have experience in property management and will effectively execute this task. In addition, we have an option for our clients to rate the services of our service providers (property managers) on our platform. We also connect you with vetted contractors, architects, engineers, and estate planners to help you grow and scale your property portfolio. We take the guesswork out of property investments.
  • How do I become a service provider on the platform?
    As a service provider you should get in touch with us on or +27 87 114 0575 and we will get back to you
  • Can you help me sell my property?
    Yes, we can help you sell your property. At investRand, we connect property sellers with investors. However, we do not give you a guarantee that your property will be sold.
  • What happens after I put in an offer to purchase?
    After putting an offer to purchase a property through our marketplace, our Sales Representative will call you to check your availability to schedule a call. During the call, we will go through the property you made an offer for, explain the property in detail, and perform a pre-qualification to check if you are eligible to purchase. If you qualify for the property you are interested in, we will inform the seller of the property. We will arrange the viewing of the property if that is what you want. Please note that you can view it before making an offer. Once the seller accepts your offer, our Customer Success Specialist will send your offer to various banks such as SA Home Loans, and other big banks in South Africa. The banks will perform their own evaluation to assess if the offer matches the value. If they approve, they will issue out the grant (loan) to you to purchase the property.
  • Tell me more about property investing.
    Investing in property is one of the safest ways to grow your assets and build wealth for you and your family. At investRand, we work to ensure that you do not have to guesswork property investing, especially when it comes to generating a positive cashflow. Our platform eliminates guesswork by providing data-driven insights and connecting you with property managers. This approach allows you to focus on what matters most while we handle the complexities of property management through our integrated marketplace. We ensure that you get the best property you can afford and then connect you with our service providers to manage your property and help you find tenants.
  • Can you help me sell my property?
    Yes, we can help you sell your property. At investRand, we connect property sellers with investors. However, we do not give you a guarantee that your property will be sold.
  • How soon can I view the property/properties I am interested in?
    We only arrange viewing for our pre-qualified investors. We advise you to book a free call with our Property Investment Consultant who will help you create your investor profile and if you meet our minimum requirements. If you cannot afford to buy the property cash, you will have to complete a pre-qualification process to help you check if you qualify for a bond. Once you pass these two steps then we can arrange for you to book the property you are interested in. Visit this link to book a call:
  • If I invest R30 000, how much do I get monthly?
    The investment you make in property differs. For example, if a property is worth R700 000, you may be required to purchase it via a bond (if you cannot buy it cash) or you can buy it cash if you afford.
  • Do you offer courses and seminars?
    No, we do not offer any courses/seminars. We have a free guide that will help you with questions you might have regarding real estate investing. You can get The Ultimate South African Property Guide here.
  • How many times do you upload properties on the platform?
    We upload on the platform when we have properties that meet our investment criteria. However, our best deals are mostly bought by our qualified buyers before they get to the platform. We recommend getting pre-qualified and getting on our investor waiting list to get first preference. To get pre-qualified, book a free consultation here:
  • Where are your offices or where are you based?
    Our offices are at Saint Andrews Office Park, OB Meadowbrook Ln, Epsom Downs, Bryanston, Johannesburg. We provide services to anyone who qualifies, regardless of their location. To get in contact with us, please book a free call using this link:
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